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Astrophotography, Just the Facts!


Product Summery

The purpose of "Astrophotography, Just the Facts!" is to outline a practical and concise approach to the collection and processing of astrophotography imagery.

PixInsight and Photoshop are used for the processing of raw astronomical image data. The book takes a step by step approach using the same methods the author uses for all his astrophotography imagery.

The author's astrophotography has been featured by National Geographic, Sky & Telescope magazine, Astronomy magazine and many online outlets. The processing approach outlined in the text will work regardless if you’re using a $1,000 portable setup from your front yard or a $30,000 observatory for your data collection.

While each set of imagery data has its’ own unique set of challenges, the processing approach remains the same. The author will use a set of imagery data that was collected from his Owl Mountain Observatory as the basis for this processing tutorial.

After you complete this tutorial you should have a sound understanding of PixInsight on which to base an exploration of the many other features that PixInsight offers.

Please join and follow along as we reveal and explore our amazing Universe.