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A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence with Unity


Product Summery

Why this book can help you to get started fast with Artificial Intelligence and Unity

It can be intimidating to start with Unity, and while several books can provide comprehensive information, you may, like many other readers, just want to focus on a particular topic and get started fast.

This book is part of a series entitled "Quick Guides" and does just this. In this book series, you have the opportunity to get started on a particular topic in less than 60 minutes, delving right into the information that you really need. Of course, you can, after reading this book, move on to more comprehensive books; however, quite often, you may have little time to complete a project or to get comfortable with a topic fast.

In this book entitled A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence with Unity, you will discover how to create intelligent Non-Player Characters using simple techniques and built-in Assets and include common AI features found in 3D games, and learn and practice as you go.

By following the techniques and suggestions described in this short book, I can promise you that you will get started very fast and create intelligent NPCs. Along the way, you will also learn about cameras, baking a scene, detecting collisions, and combine these to create challenging AI.

Content and structure of this book
In this book, you will learn about AI with Unity, including:
Using built-in assets.Make it possible for NPCs to navigate to their destination.Make it possible for NPCs to Avoid obstacles.Define areas where NPCs should or should not go.

The main idea behind this book is to help you to get started quickly with Artificial Intelligence. So, if you want to start creating challenging games with simple, yet effective techniques : download this book now!